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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2005|09:59 am]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |complacentcomplacent]
[Music You're Rockin' |'Burn baby burn"]

Forgotten Family

When I was five, do you remember?
Spending each second of time together?
You’d throw me over your shoulder amid laughs of glee
And play with toy soldiers with me on your knee.
I was always the Indians in Fort Apache, recall
Because I felt their horses were the best of all.
When I was seven, we went on safaris.
Canvas hats, binoculars, and dollar-store diaries
Discovering sparrows, and blackbirds, and deer
And streams with waters so crystal clear.
Less time was spent when I turned nine
And you went to your movies to waste your time
Poetry bars and work and your friends
Our time was almost at an end.
Still, we went on annual vacations
Speaking in sign language and wooden creations
Battlefields and museums when I was twelve
No more games into which we delved.
Drumming and singing and fireside chats
Torn apart with you blaming me for the cat
On my fifteenth birthday you called me in Disney
And said you were leaving, it was just Mom and me
I spent the day comforting my flu-stricken friend
And no one noticed my family came to an end
I got to the airport, and you were there
Begging hugs and forgiveness, ruffling my hair
I ignored you and gave you a cold, somber look
And in the car I was mute, only reading my book
One week later I got a drumming promotion
But you didn’t care, just rubbed on sun-lotion
“I’m moving out next week,” you said in spite
I hung my head, my lips drawn tight
My sixteenth birthday you called but once
To ask if I wanted to go out to lunch
I went with you and talked of my life
Of reading in Spanish, and school, and fyfes
But you didn’t listen you stared at the wall
And ordered four glasses of wine, downing them all
You disappoint me, and now I don’t care
I was replaced by whiskey and beer.
What happened to our spending time together?
I was the horse, tied to your tether.
Look at me now, you miss me, I bet
But I don’t miss you, only regret your debt.
If fathers would stay with their family forever
Maybe their children would keep home their endeavor.
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Realization [May. 8th, 2005|06:48 pm]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |draineddrained]
[Music You're Rockin' |YTOM Daytona - KU]


I've come to my senses,
And it's been so long.
The world was blocked off with fences,
I realized I was wrong.

I can breathe in clean air,
It's a feeling so new.
I looked at what was there,
And saw my problem was you.

I've thought this through,
And now you're packed up on my shelf.
'Cause all the things I needed from you,
I found within myself.

Hey guys! I'd really like your input on this one!
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Out of Here [Apr. 24th, 2005|08:53 pm]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |crappycrappy]
[Music You're Rockin' |"I Saw You First" -- Mellencamp]

Out of Here

Get me out of here
This body, this life
The end of me is near
I just can't survive

I can't handle it anymore
I don't know how to deal
I don't know what it's for
Is this a test or is this for real?

Help me get out of here
Because these walls are closing in
I’m trembling with fear
Because it's a battle I can't win
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{ unexplainable } [Apr. 24th, 2005|10:06 am]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |creative]
[Music You're Rockin' |lacuna coil .. tight rope]

You ask,
and I can't answer.
How can I explain it?
Say it gives me wings,
when they aren't working?
Say it makes me happy,
when I want to break down?
I simply hear the name and smile,
but I can't tell him.
I may not be her.

* OT - If everyone wants, I could make a layout for this community, with people's own poems running around the sides.. Just a thought!
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(no subject) [Apr. 23rd, 2005|04:58 pm]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |coldcold]
[Music You're Rockin' |"January Friend" Goo Goo Dolls]

Porcelain's Perfection

She stands with an alabaster porcelain face
Her cheeks are flushed with dainty grace
A placid smile plays upon her lips
Her crystal eyes have never slipped
A fine dress of gold around her wraps
She holds the hem in a pearly grasp
Her teeth are straight and neatly lined
Her flawless skin alights a shine
Her shell is perfect, finely polished
But beneath the glass she’s been demolished
A crack has slit across her porcelain heart
Her wit and composure begin to part
Her posture is beginning to suffer
As the crack just makes her tougher
Calloused, bitter, cruel and cold
The girl finds herself growing old
Still perfect to the untrained eye
The crack grows, and the girl dies
All anyone had ever noticed about her
Were her flawless skin and perfect hair
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When It is Over [Apr. 21st, 2005|02:07 am]
Lost in a Poet_Song

Here, Walking in this Ghost Town,
I see the years of faded past,
These ghosts of memory,
For so long they have last,
Standing amidst the street,
Watching shadows race by,
No sun out overhead,
No safe place for my head to lie,
No longer is there a haven here,
I finally can see,
That there was never safety,
And nor will there ever be,
As I walk the streets of this hollowed town,
I see the blank stares of the passers by,
They walk right through me, as in life,
With tears on their face as they cry,
Passing by a tree, now empty of presence,
With a swing sitting idly by, rocking in the wind,
Once filled with joyous young ones,
Those pure and young so as to not have sinned,
The town is bleak around me,
All life, all color has ceased,
As though the dryness of the air,
Has seen this town released,
On and on tread my feet,
Yet the story remains as is told,
That the barrens beneath my feet,
Have long been horribly cold,
No warmth is to be found here,
No good memories from my past,
Only by ghosts haunting,
Wavering as the windblown grass,
Standing again in the street,
Staring at these hollowed constructs,
In which we all held so much worth,
Now painted as a horrible abstract,
So what use to seek out comfort,
From the past you left behind,
That held nothing for you then,
Maybe something that held you confined,
So now I turn my back on this town,
And I set on my way,
Across the wastelands,
Back to today.
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Nighttime Coming [Apr. 20th, 2005|11:44 am]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |contemplativecontemplative]
[Music You're Rockin' |Gackt- Uncertain Memories]

A sudden dusk upon me falls
The flowers succumb as darkness calls
The sunlight fades as the moon takes grasp
A single star releives its lapse
In the twilight are no walls

A stranger in the night prevails
He's glad to rid the heaven's hail
He's glad to vex the earth with gloom
And serve to my own fate and doom
Into something I cannot ail

Aurora grants me my meager desire
Greater than the forces of water and fire
All the burdens without a care
Gather and dance in a circle there
The perfect form is just a liar

When shades of light yield to wait
I know enough to feel a hate
To know the nighttime coming forth
To know enough of beauty's worth
That change of sides is great

~I think I'm the only non-sophmore here. Oh well...
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Four-year-old Flesh [Apr. 19th, 2005|05:39 pm]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |angryangry]
[Music You're Rockin' |Time Stands Still - AAR]

Four-year-old Flesh

Four-year-old flesh,
New and scratched,
From trying to fly without wings.

His four-year-old flesh,
Has been through it all,
But he can't remember any of it.

His four-year-old flesh,
Punctured at six months,
Through his open-heart surgery.

His four-year-old flesh,
Punctured at one-year,
When his grandfather passed away.

His four-year-old flesh,
Doesn't remember Papa.
It breaks my heart more than you can know.
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2005|04:54 pm]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |indescribable]
[Music You're Rockin' |"Will You Come To The Bower"]

Not Quite Forgotten

When self-pitying in my lonely room
The soulful darkness seems to consume
My ancient feelings towards the world
Blackened thoughts unleashed, unfurled

Always with the pondering as old as time
I thought i left you in the bubbling brine
I saw your hands crash through the seas
and watched as your eyes murdered me

I thought I'd left you for the dead
Vultures cried out overhead
I thought I'd cleared you from my life
I felt free, as though i'd won the strife

But you still linger in my heart
I feel the remnants, icy, sharp
Why is it that you're still here
That look in your eyes is what i fear

I thought i saw you dying, how can this be?
I saw you take your last breath after you had murdered me
Now i'm halfway through healing and halfway to rotten
Why couldn't you just stay forgotten?
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Faith [Apr. 18th, 2005|03:01 pm]
Lost in a Poet_Song

[How You Feelin' |boredbored]
[Music You're Rockin' |"Full Forever" - Goo Goo Dolls]


I started out in denial.
I thought it was a waste of my time.
Thought it was a pointless mile,
In a path long enough .

I sat there in my chair,
And let down all my guards.
A power was there,
Stirring under the stars.

It hit me like never before.
I didn't know it was there.
It resolved my inner-war,
And filled my lungs with air.

That night I placed my faith in Him.
A spirit surrounding me.
A religious flame no longer dim,
Forever rekindled in me.
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